Straight White Guys:  It's not racist. The reason why most characters are straight white guys is it's a business. They just want to do what makes the most money. No one's being racist or sexist. It's just smart business.

Straight White Guys:  Having a Black Captain America or Pakistani Ms. Marvel or female Thor is PANDERING. All they're trying to do is get MONEY from you. It's just a marketing ploy! This is horrible!



Nice outlaw name, did your mom pick it out for you?


*me pointing at komaeda*:  shit character

*komaeda fan large crying voice*: dont underknow...Stop...he is very complex...please...please stop liking this are too wrong for it... You cannot say this fake thing

*me pointing at komaeda*:  shitty character

person:  wow you drink so much water, you're so healthy!!

me:  i cry so much i gotta stay hydrated